Monday, April 30, 2007

April: A Month in Review

1. Um, lame. I can go home and sit in silence thanks.

2. Different how?

3. Well it's not entirely because of you, only partly

4. Your excessive use of emoticons on msn isn't endearing, it's pathetic

5. I would say it makes for an awkward evening when you confirm that I hate him, and yes, that's the same thing as telling him.

6. Fuck being selfless, being selfish worked out better for me. That being said, let's drink.

7. Easter Dinner with the Girl Posse (& The Archaeologist) - sounds like fun

8. Shoes, glorious shoes! Right now the purple pack is my thing - that and glow in the dark...

9. Mr. Alberta is actually leaving for greener pastures, hmmm...

10. Desktop nerds unite - I'm obsessed with this image mosaic generator

11. H&M - ho hum, try getting past the crowds (of hiptards and wannabes)

12. Sephora, now that's something I can get behind, except they aren't slated to open until late summer, boo!

13. The Pansy is practicing for when she's a unicorn - this is what hangovers do to people

14. It's a secret - bah!

15. The Rep really loves his salad

16. ...and I really love to shop. Mr. Kazuki no. 2 is a testament to that.

17. Runners x 2 and Alessandro x 3

18. On again, off again, on again? Probably but only time will tell not.

19. The fact that you're fucking my boss doesn't impress me

20. Dear family of five: please die. The reason the store is a mess is because we were still closed and you took it upon yourself to barge in, any comments as to the disheveled state of our store are both unnecessary and aggravating.

21. Allergy season is upon us once again, meaning that I, once again, need to seek out a dermatologist before I scratch off all of my remaining skin

22. More shoes, so far I'm on target

23. I heart my new windbreaker. It's delightfully tacky, yet refined.

I Spit Hot Fire (Quotes)

Aw cute, a farmer!
Uh, he's a clown...
Then why is he wearing a hat and overalls?
...because he's a clown. He's got green hair, duh!

I know, I had this great plan to buy booze and then stick some in my purse for the road - except I forgot to do the second part

Definitely. The thing I like about that shirt is that you can dress it up or dress it down. I mean you could totally wear it to [the bar] one night and if you had to get up and go to a funeral the next morning you wouldn't look out of place if you didn't go home you know?

I am a genius!

I saw you on the street and wanted to lurk on you, what would you have done about that one?
Um, I probably would have told your girlfriend and then you wouldn't have anyone to walk hand-in-hand with around the mall

Know how I know she's a lesbian? Because she's wearing a sports bra to the bar!

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