Saturday, March 31, 2007

March: A Month in Review

1. Must curb desire to shop - unless it's for shoes

2. WESC, finally (x2)!

3. Trade show parties usually lead to excessive alcohol consumption and questionable decision-making skills - who's in?

4. This pretty much sums up how my time was spent when I lived in res, which is the stone building just outside the bar licensed donair shop where this game of quarters is being played.

5. Like Jesus, Blogger sometimes works in mysterious ways

6. The Engineer bought me a new iPod and himself a new computer. He's officially a switcher now

7. Um, could we maybe get a full size run?

8. No, this doesn't come in any more colours

9. Lunch with The Gentle Giant - no, this doesn't change my opinion on him, sorry (actually I'm not)

10. Spring 2007 Holts lookbook, woo!

11. Vanilla bean cupcakes - yum

12. What, no jeans?

13. Tired.

14. I'm bummed that my free RVCA hat is too big for me, even though hats that are 7 and 3/8 usually fit over my head, big hair and all. I am still stoked on my new Vestal tee. Who knows, I might permanently incorporate v-necks into my wardrobe

15. The Gentle Giant is now privy to the ongoing 'whose boobs are bigger debate' - it made him uncomfortable

16. Boob in a cup - you really don't want to know

17. St. Patty's Day - the first one where I got to be on the other side of the bar, drunk as a skunk, no less...not so much

18. ID, yay!

19. The bad news, sales are down in all of our store, the good news, our store is down the least, so we're the best of the worst

20. Illumination pack - my shoes glow in the dark son!

21. I really don't know how I used to work until 4 am on a regular basis, now it just kills me.

22. The pole is my tool, not yours!

23. Thursday night dinners are golden, essays and theses not so much.

24. We - the official clothing line of chatisty.

25. Busy doesn't even to describe my life as of late, boo!

26. A lack of internet access has limited my ability to blog yet has positively affected my resolve for studying and essay-writing...

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I Spit Hot Fire (Quotes)

"You can't ride the horse and stand next to the horse at the same time"

"You don't buy the horse if you can fist it for free!"

"Someone needs to get laid"

"Um, actually, I've gotten laid like every day (3 or 4 times a day) for 6 days straight. Last night was mindblowing! I almost wanted to smoke afterwards and I have asthma"


"Um, you can't own people" (quietly, while looking at me) "That's like slavery"

"I wouldn't say a mullet exactly, it's just really short on the side and top and longer in the back"

"Um, that's a mullet!"


"Fine, he has a hipster mullet, but a mullet nonetheless"

"You know, if you just left your boyfriend, you'd have so much more time for other things, such as working two jobs...What? It's just a suggestion"

"Seriously, I couldn't even take off my shirt if I wanted to right now! I should come up with my own chastity-themed clothing line, 'for those times where you're so drunk that it's best that inanimate objects decide whether you'll be hooking up that night'. Yes, I'm a genius!"

"No, you're crazy but it's ok guess as long as you stay on your side of the bed..."

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