Friday, December 08, 2006

How far is too far or erasing the line in the sand hand/blow-job at a time.

I'm at work chatting up a mom who's seriously contemplating buying a pair of shoes that I'd really like to get rid of. I'm in full suck up mode because nothing rules more than never having to see a certain pair of shoes again - because sometimes that last pair lingers forever.

I notice she's wearing a rad pair of slips and I compliment her on them:

"Seriously, I think it's awesome that you're a mom, and you're rocking a sweet pair of slips. If my mom tried that I'm pretty sure she'd ruin slips for everyone else"

She finally decides to get the shoes (woot!) and I'm boxing them up/casually chatting still as I ring her through. She mentions that she's a little disappointed that she wasn't able to find what she'd been looking for (a replacement part for her kid's shoe) but that at least she was able to get a new pair of shoes so the trip wasn't a total loss.

I mention that she could probably find them online and give her a few hints where to look, noting that she's pretty determined. I mention that because Christmas is coming up crazy parents are in full force and she regales me with an anecdote.

It seems her daughter is a HUGE fan of a certain country band (I honestly can't remember which one but I remember being unimpressed) and that until I'm a parent, I won't understand.

I nod sympathetically, but I'm unconvinced, and then she gives me a knowing stare and point blank says:

"She really wanted to meet them. I'm not going to disappoint my kid. So I went back there first. 20 minutes later, we're in and my daughter has her meet&greet/autograph and picture session! Seriously, you'd do anything (she really draws this word out) for your kids. You'll see. Wait ten years and come talk to me. I'll be like 'I told you so!' "

I wasn't so much shocked by this admission as I was a tad startled that she'd divulge this in front of her young son, who was standing by her side (granted, he probably wasn't paying attention, but still), and to a complete stranger no less.

But, you know, there's that whole shop girl-customer confidentiality thing...


S* said...

I'm glad she has her priorities straight. So did the Texas Cheerleader Murderer Mom.

team gingerbread said...

Lol, so true...

Heather said...

jesus. are you kidding me?
that is ridiculous!
ha ha. i would love your job, though. have a good weekend, girlie ♥

Nicole said...

My mother DEFINITELY don't get down like that. But then, she doesn't like me very much.

team gingerbread said...

Yeah, Nicole, I'd hope that my mom wouldn't...but we just don't understand because we're child-free (and not skanky)