Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm not mad at you, I'm just really hungover

Even though I was nursing a hangover the size of Texas, I had shit to do, so I put on my sunnies and headed out the door, downing my second diet Rockstar in as many hours. I escaped in just under 2.5 hours and called The Engineer to see if I had left my green We hoodie at his place on Monday, he was home, so told him I was coming over to get it, without asking to see if he was busy.

We chatted briefly, our first face-to-face encounter since Monday and he casually asked if I had been crying (read: You look like shit). I said no, that I was just really hungover, then he asked what I was doing later, I made up some excuse that I was actually just there because I was on my way to Wendy's and I figured since I was in the neighbourhood, I'd drop in. It was nothing personal, but I was pretty cranky so I was just trying to get out of there as quickly as possible.

He offered to walk with me to Wendy's, and the whole time we chatted awkwardly about everything but The Big Fight. He apologized in a very roundabout way, somehow failing to really take any blame for the events of that morning.

As I was leaving he grabbed my hand and asked me to call him later.

I walked to the LRT station and headed home and tried not to think about what had just happened.


Maritza said...

That's weird. What now?

team gingerbread said...

You've got me. I don't have my schedule for the upcoming week, so I don't really know when I'm available yet.

I'm definitely going to wait a couple days before I call him though, because that's how I roll

groovyinclinations said... a sick day viewing of a soap....I was totally drawn into your blog.


team gingerbread said...

mindy - thanks, that means a lot

La Chou said... recipe for a hangover free morning: drink tons of water the night before and through the day. Make friends with a medic so they can IV you the night before with'll feel amazing in the morning. Have lots of crazy sex.

nicole said...

So those Rockstars are good?

I think Eric might have tried his hand at one once but I don't recall him loving it. I'll have to ask.

Not at all the subject of the post, I'm sure. ;)

team gingerbread said...

nicole - I liek the rockstars, they're like a more sugary version of red bull for sure, but their diet is better than the sugar free red bull, hands down