Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dear Diary, I like [redacted].

I thought that it would be brutal at work today as I fully expected The Pansy to spill the beans. Instead she played nice, and acted with far more maturity than I did, and just resorted to playful ribbing (which I totally deserved).

Every once and a while we'd share a knowing laugh while generally avoiding the topic of interest, [redacted]. After admitting that I was actually starting to appreciate a tweed jacket we had in store and a mother of pearl-faced watch, The Pansy joked that I was just starting to like everything she liked.

I wasn't sure if she was just kidding or kinda angry, but I took it as a joke.

[Redacted] came into the store only a couple of times, seemingly for no apparent reason - I think he just likes field trips away from his store. The penultimate time he came into the store, he awkwardly chatted with me as I gathered my stuff in the back room, since I was going on break. He had come over to tell me that he was going on break as well and that if we needed anything, to call one of the other managers.

I informed him that I too was going on break, and he asked where I was dining as I asked him the same thing. I laughed and said that we should eat together, he paused and said that he didn't think I really wanted to eat with him and reminded me that I still had his dvd and left. I called after him that I had it in the back room, but he said to just give it to him later.

I was confused and ate my lunch (which consisted of ginger ale because I was feeling sick) with one of the girls from the rock shop down the hall that I ran into on my break.

About an hour after my break, [redacted] came over and asked if he could "borrow some gum", I laughed and told him he "could just have it, as it's not quite returnable" and he replied that he'd "give it back to me later if that's what I wanted"

The Pansy continued to make fun of me and we made plans to hang out later that night on a lark. As we were closing up shop, [redacted] came by and I tried to give him back his dvd, but he rebuffed my attempts and told me to hang onto it, and that he'd get it from me later (I really have no clue when this later is, btw).

The Pansy and I ride the same bus home and we sat in silence for a good half of the trip, which was kind of weird since we normally chat up a storm. We got into a conversation about relationships and I revealed that I usually only fall for guys if I hate them when I first meet them, and I admitted that I didn't think that I liked [redacted] all that much, but who knows my first impressions are always wrong...

We continued to talk relationships for the rest of the night, essentially one-upping each other with stories from our illustrious pasts and making plans for next weekend, when we go out drinking with [redacted] and The Archaeologist (our boss).

Eventually I headed out because The Pansy had to work early the next day and I called The Engineer to talk. I didn't really feel like heading to Whyte because I was downtown, but he offered to pay for my cab so I couldn't really say no.

He also said he'd pay for a cab ride home later tonight, but I just suggested that I take the bus home in the morning.

I also vowed to be over this little crush of mine by next week's end (coincidentally when we're all going out drinking) so we'll see how everything pans out.


Evil Genius said...

I'm loving this story - can't wait to see what happens!! :-)

team gingerbread said...

evil genius - I'm kind of curious to see how it works out as well

team gingerbread said...

Update: So I extended an invite to [redacted] so he'll come out drinking with myself, The Pansy (who also likes [redacted]), T-Baby and I as well as The Archaeologist and Shy Guy ( a kid who's super quiet but is apparently really fun when intoxicated) this weekend.

Alcohol + lust = someone puking in a trash can. I can see it now...