Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Every sorority has its reputation

...and we're collectively known as the girls who don't put out. Which is fine by me, because we're also the fun party girls, and the surprisingly smart ones too, but it sucks for the boys that think we're loose just because we like to drink.

Last night we played a quick football game with the boys of Kappa Sigma which I had originally pegged to be a friendly pickup game but which actually turned into the mother fucking Super Bowl. There was yelling and I'm sure someone was near tears and it wasn't nearly as fun as I had made it seem. My team ended up losing by one touchdown.

We decided to hit up some frat houses after our game for some beer, there was a brief mention of quarters but we were hungry so we trotted across the street to the Phi Delt house and chowed down on free burgers and met some of their new rushes and after an extended recess we headed down the street to our former haunt, which had been bought out over the summer by a franchise of 'neighbourhood bars'.

At first we were sitting upstairs but we realized that we didn't really want to pay for all of our drinks that night so we moved downstairs even though that meant less seating for everyone.

One of our rushes kept casually pointing out guys she was digging and then I'd turn around and be all like 'Oh hey! It's James/Elliot/Paul or Todd (who stopped me and hugged me and asked if I remembered him - the answer was a regretful 'no, but I'd like to') she was pretty impressed that I had such hot friends but she declined my offer to introduce her.

One our our girls (The Christitute) spotted me for a pitcher because she was toting around a C-Note from selling some books earlier in the day which was just the beginning of the night. Once the pint glass was empty boys were offerning to top me off on a fairly regular basis and we floated between our table, the Phi Delt table (although some of them were ignoring us because of awkward hookup shenanigans) and the Delta Upsilon table after they showed up.

We vowed to close down the bar but we had been drinking heavily since about 8 (pm) and by 2 am we were ready to call it quits. I had assumed TC was going to be entertaining so I left her to her own devices and opted to leave with The Roadtrip Queen and Manitoba (our new roommate who may be rushing), but she left with us. When we got home we ended up finishing off TC's casserole and gossiping until The Drama Queen (another one of our new roommies who may be rushing. She's a drama student, not a bitch in case you're wondering about the name) got home and retiring shortly thereafter for some late-night booty call action.

I remembered this morning that one of the DU boys had asked me for my blog address so I'm assuming he's checking out what I wrote about him/his boys. I was still a little bit drunk when I woke up this morning so I'm going to drown my sorrows in coffee and cigarettes.

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