Saturday, September 23, 2006

10 things I hate about you

As I sat in utter silence in the living room catching up on my RSS feeds whilst eating a candy apple, The Unstable Roommate peppered me with questions such as:

  • What are you doing? Watching tv
  • Not going out tonight? No
  • That [candy apple] is like a coma on a stick (she's diabetic) {internal monologue} If you were in a coma, I wouldn't have to listen to you talk
  • What's this show about? Football players
  • I'm going to make some dinner {internal monologue, again} Please die
  • Where's TC? I don't know, I just got home
  • Where were you? At work
  • How is that? What
  • Balancing school and work... Um, tiring (as in please stop talking because I'm tired)
  • Are we giving out candy at Hallowe'en? Isn't that like a month away? {internal monologue} Seriously, FOAD!


Mark Base said...

I know what you mean; been there, for sure.

I'm rather enjoying being single and living alone at the moment.


Dawn Benko said...

Aw come on. She's just trying to make conversation.

Okay I confess, I live alone for precisely that reason.

Serra said...

I had similar internal conversations with my ex's mom, the Little Old Nazi. I've never been so glad to move in my life as I was in July.

will said...

i agree with this so much it isn't even funny. my roommate just moved out and living alone is glorious! the less human interaction the better.