Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Scents & Sensibility

So that annoying new hire is really getting on my nerves.

During one of the first shifts I worked with her, I noticed that her fruity perfume body spray (side note: Is it even really acceptable to wear body spray as your 'scent' past grade 6?) made me physically ill, and resulted in a migraine and general irritation. I'd mentioned this to her*, so it seemd apparent that I shouldn't have to add that she shouldn't wear it to work, or at least have the sense to not spray it in our tiny back room - picture a generously sized closet, now halve it and you've got our back room which holds a small overstock of shoes and clothing.

Not so much. I spent 95% of my 8.5 hour shift yesterday is agony because my migraine was getting so bad that it made me nauseous.

So obviously, I'm stoked that we get to open together this morning....

*I mentioned it to my supervisor yesterday morning, and yes, I plan on mentioning it again nicely to her this morning before my migraine gets too bad.

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