Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Not so much passive as just plain old aggressive

Some of the nice WE stuff from last season has gone on sale at work, so I called dibs on a shirt I've had my eye on for awhile - the only thing holding me back before was the price, but you can't beat half off.

We're not supposed to put stuff on hold for staff members primarily because half the store would end up on hold, and when new stuff comes in people tend to want to stake their claims and then promptly forget about them once more new stuff rolls in.

But I love this shirt and there's only one left in my size, so I stuffed it in a corner in the back room. But since our back room is emptying out quite quickly, I felt the need to tack a note onto that price tag:

"This is [Gingerbread]'s WE tank, and I'm going to buy it on payday. Please don't touch it. If you touch it, I will know, and then I will cut you. I'm watching..."

I know, I have a way with words.

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